Was George Michael trying to break up with Fadi Fawaz before his death?

One of George Michael’s relatives has claimed the pop superstar was trying to break up with his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz before he died. According to the source, the Wham! star had attempted to end the relationship on several occasions over the year and a half leading up to his death.

It is understood that the singer, who was found by Fadi dead in his bed on Christmas Day, had even told his lover not to come to the house anymore in an attempt to make a permanent split from the Australian celebrity hairdresser.

However, the relative said he would then feel sorry for Fadi and had a weakness meaning he could not say no, so the two repeatedly got back together again. They said that George had told Fadi he no longer wished to be with him on a number of occasions, but ended up getting back in touch each time.

Couldn’t say ‘no’

The source said: “George was so kind and generous, but he said to me many times that his biggest weakness was he could never say no to anything — sex, drugs — he had that sort of personality.” They said he was vulnerable because he never stood his ground, even when he had made a decision.

So far, there has been no official cause of death for the 53 year old. His publicist said immediately after he was found that he had died of heart failure. However a port mortem examination proved inconclusive and further tests have been ordered, including toxicology reports.

Fadi said he slept in his car on Christmas Eve before finding George when he went to wake up the star for a planned Christmas lunch together. The hair stylist said he and George had been very much in love at the time of his death, and looking forward to Christmas.



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