Trump in talks with Putin to end Syria crises

The major theme of the more-than-one hour-long conversation was the issues surrounding Syria.

Putin has informed Trump that President Bashar Assad had reaffirmed his devotion to the reforming of the political system in Syria, including amendments in the constitution of the society. Assad also gave his support to the idea of elections for the presidency and parliament being held to be part of the political transitional process during the meeting he had on Monday in Sochi with Putin.

The counterpart that was from Russia had intimated the US counterpart about the meeting that was forthcoming to be held, with the special attendance of the leaders of Iran, Turkey and Russia and that was aimed at getting ways to normalize the condition of things in the troubled state while giving good assistance to the process of politics in the country that is seated in its area. The trilateral meeting have been slated to hold on Wednesday, the 22nd of November.

Plans made to resolve Syria crisis

“Satisfaction was expressed by the two parties involved, in the talks they had. It was described as been practical and very educative,” as reported by a published statement by Kremlin.

The office of the United States president had stated that Washington reconfirmed the support it had for the agreements reached by Russia and the US at the summit of APEC on the 11th of November.

“We are in serious talks about how best to restore peace to the people of Syria, we are also discussing very strongly about North Korea and the country of Ukraine,” Trump revealed to journalists as regards the call he had with the president of Russia.

President Putin revealed that a solution that could resolve the political crisis that was actively happening in Syria ought to be founded on the aim of maintaining the Sovereignty, territorial integration and the overall standing of Syria as a country. He supplied that Russia had tried hosting the Congress from Syria on the dialogue talks.