Terror suspect arrested with semi-automatic weapon and Isis flag

With large swathes of the Western world remaining on high alert over the threat of attacks, a suspected terrorist has been arrested carrying an Isis flag and an AK-47. It is not clear what his target was suspected to be, but police say they believe he was planning a terrorist attack.

The suspect has been arrested by police in the Dutch city of Rotterdam by officers who discovered a Kalashnikov along with two full magazines of amunition when they raided the man’s apartment. Prosecutors believe the 30-year-old was set to carry out a terror attack. Highly explosive illegal fireworks were also found in his flat after officers swooped, acting on a tip off from intelligence officials.

There were also mobile telephones, believed to have been used to organise his plans, and £1,340 in cash. Prosecutors have not released the identity of the man but confirmed that he was suspected of preparing a terrorist crime. He has already been bought before magistrates and will be held in custody for at least two weeks while police continue to investigate.

High alert

While the Netherlands terrorism threat level is not quite as high as that in France, it is just one step below the highest level, meaning authorities think there is a realistic chance of a terror attack taking place. The arrest comes as Europol, the European police agency warns that terror networks are changing tactics to attack what they see as soft targets in Europe.

This latest arrest follows the detention of a 32-year-old French national in Rotterdam who was detained on suspicion of being involved in a terror plot in March. However, police say that the two arrests are not connected.

Dutch officials have been on high alert since devastating bombings and suicide attacks in Paris and Brussels. Authorities fear that nationals who have left the country to join Isis could return home and post a threat.





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