Tears of a president: Obama makes final speech

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as outgoing President Barack Obama made his final address in office. Riding into the top job on a campaign of “hope and change,” he said his supporters had brought that change.

Not once did he mention the President-elect Donald Trump by name. However, he did make a number of nods towards his policies, talking about how he rejected discrimination against Muslim Americans. He also said that economic issues should not become some sort of battle between a so called hardworking white middle class and an undeserving minority.

He urged everyone in the US to realise that their fellow citizens loved American just as much as they did, that they all valued hard work and family life, and that all children were curious, hopeful and worthy of love. The president was watched proudly by First Lady Michelle and by his eldest daughter Malia. His youngest, Sasha, 15, did not get to see her father make his last speech as the US’s first black president, because she had a school test.

Tribute to Michelle

In an emotional tribute to his wife, he thanks Michelle for being his wife, mother of his children, and his best friend, saying she had taken on a role she never asked for and delivered it with grace, grit, style and humour. He said she had raised aspirations for a generation. Wiping away a tear, he said: “You have made me proud. And you have made the country proud”.

He also talked about his daughters, saying they had grown into “two amazing young women,” who had taken public life in their stride. While Malia was seen wiping a tear of her own, Michelle managed to hold it together. New president Mr Trump will officially take office when he is inaugurated on January 20, following a shock win against his democrat rival Hillary Clinton.



Judith is a qualified journalist who has worked in both the UK and the US, specialising in writing about politics, education and health.