Walmart cancels some preorders on the new SNES Classic Edition

Walmart is canceling pre-orders on SNES Classic – this is contrary to the assurances and promises by Nintendo to make a better launch of the new SNES Classic more than that of the NES Classic Edition.
It may not be easy to pin the issue on Walmart on Nintendo because of the seeming contradictory sides of the story. Last weekend, Walmart’s website launched SNES Classic Edition’s preorder page on its website around 11:30 p.m. The page went live on Friday evening, July 21 and saw a lot of orders that crashed Walmart’s site.

The story goes topsy-turvy

The next morning, Walmart sent out messages to those that placed an order indicating that the order wasn’t successful without any reason. A report from Polygon said that some of those who got the message were notified that there was an issue encountered while verifying their payment details. Overall, many were informed that their orders were not valid anymore.

Many reached out to the customer care team of Walmart to ascertain what happened, while other blamed Walmart for publishing the preorder page too fast.

Now, the issue is that not all preorders were canceled. If the preorder went live too fast, it would have been the best action to cancel all orders that were placed on that Friday night. Or better cut off all orders placed after it got to its limit.

Walmart may want to give the excuse that the pre order went live without a cap fixed on it, but then, clients ought to have a detailed response. It’s not cool to tell customers that orders placed on a whole SNES Classic Edition were canceled because of your mistake because several others made their preorder online and never had theirs canceled.

Whatever be the case, it’s really a poor beginning for the launch of this new Nintendo product. Rumour has it that the preorder may soon go live again, you may want to try out again if you’ve got the mind to run another risk.

Likewise, rumor suggests that a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition is the next to come, but it would be better if Nintendo makes a change and hone its focus on their booming Switch platform.