Sprint just announced free iPhone 8 deal

All the four big carriers pre-ordered the iPhone 7 that was cool for the clients, though bad in the end. 2017 was meant to be unique, forget the unending price wars that happened earlier this year, carriers were ever ready to offer some bucks off a phone for a two-year deal.

Here’s yet another one; Sprint has upped its deal for iphone 8 pre-order to give some clients free new iPhones. In line with Sprint’s recent offer, anyone who deals with an iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8 or a new Galaxy Note 8 will be given a free 18-month pick of an iPhone 8. At the end of the 18 months lease, Sprint Clients can choose to hand the phone back, or pay a price of $29.17 for the iPhone 8 for 6 months, and be the owner of the device.

An iPhone 8 for $180 cash?

What’s the catch? With Sprint’s recent development, you can get the iPhone 8 for $180 in cash, all the way from Apple’s $700. To get the deal, you have to trade in Galaxy S8 or the new model iPhone, but it still works well for you. One can get used iPhone 7 for $400-$500 on eBay presently, depending on the condition and model of iPhone, this could be a favorable deal and one the best deals from a carrier that offers not just the opportunity to sell your old phones on Craiglist and purchasing the new iPhone with access to it.

The deal is unforeseen on setting up a new line of service with Sprint, which takes $50 monthly.If you stay in a region where Sprint coverage abounds, then you may not have read up to this point. Already existing Sprint clients are not left out totally; those who have an iPhone 7 can participate in the trade-in.

Sprint is implementing the order retroactively to existing pre-orders of iPhone 8 that qualifies for the conditions, and this will come as a surprise to some customers.