Search warrant served by Law Enforcers for the iPhone of Texas Gunman

A search warrant has been served to Apple for the iPhone that was used by the Gunman, and the order is for the company to unlock the phone that was once in the ownership of the shooter who took over 20 lives in Texas. But much like the tussle the company had in the case with San Bernardino, the tech giants may not yield here.

In a series of actions that appears much like the legal struggle that ensued between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Apple last year when a petition was served for the unlocking of an iPhone that was owned by the San Bernardino shooter, the iPhone makers have been given yet another injunction and the same thing is being demanded: that the iPhone of the killer be unlocked.

The phone that is involved in this case is an iPhone SE, it was owned by the man who went on to take the lives of 26 unsuspecting people in a mass shooting that took place in Sutherland Springs, Texas, much earlier in this month, November.

Apple served warrant by Texas to gain access into the iPhone of the Shooter

As narrated in a quickly drafted report by the company, the rangers of Texas had served Apple with a warrant that demanded that access be created by the iPhone makers so that the phone of the shooter can be accessed, they also want the iCloud account, though it is not entirely clear if he had signed up for one. The Texas Rangers also would like access to the second phone that was being used by the mass shooter, a feature phone by LG.

Apple had previously stated that it had made contact with the enforcers of the law about two days after the shooting occurred to know if there is any form of assistance it can provide. During those early hours, it would have still been possible for Touch ID to be enabled, officials offered no response to the approach made by the company and sent the iPhone to Quantico in Virginia instead to open its contents.