Google hardware, SVP Rick Osterloh, clearly shows no pixel sales data

In the “Made by Google” event, Google has shown the world that it is good in hardware. But is it really after sales, the company that manages the software in the heart? Google’s hardware vice president Rick Osterloh, who firstly work with Motorola, pointed out that Google has only one hardware target and is still “searching”.

Senior Vice President of Google Hardware, Rick Osterloh. Reuters
In an interview that happened long before the event, Osterloh said that Google’s hardware goals are quite different from Apple. Although Apple sells products, Google simply wants to sell finished products that ultimately lead you to using Google Search.

Osterloh said the company’s investment in acquiring a HTC Smartphone is quite different from what it used to be with Motorola. Although Osterloh was not involved when Google cooked for business with Motorola, Google had no hardware at that time. Now everything has changed, and with HTC the job is quite different. Things worked well with HTC, even more because Google was working in the past with HTC, as well as for Nexus exercises.

Google Pixel 2XL with Pixel book

Asked if Google is looking for sales in figures, SVP said it focuses on sales, but only in certain markets. Google’s priority with pixels and other products is “Customer Satisfaction and User Experience”.

But while the benchmark is not now a sale, Google hopes to sell products “in large quantities in five years”. Focus is not just a major hardware with software like Apple, but “hardware and software and AI,” said hardware SVP, as Google’s priority is still a search.