Facebook Updates Temporarily Down for Global Users

Last Friday reports came out stating that several Facebooks users all around the world had temporarily been unable to access their recent updates on their Facebook Timelines along with the News Feed.

The News Feed had apparently not allowed the users to refresh the page, but Facebook has claimed that they that have gotten to the source of the problem and repaired it.

A spokesperson for Facebook released a statement in which he acknowledged the current situation of several users from Facebook not being able to check specific services.

The spokesperson added that as of now the app has been restored back to 100 percent, and then apologized to the users for the temporary inconvenience.

Plan B

The moment the situation became apparent on Facebook, several of the affected users from the app immediately took to Twitter in order to express their frustration and disappointment with the services.

Although users from Facebook were still able to log into their accounts normally, the problems seemed to surface only with the updates on their Timelines and with the refreshing of the News Feed.

One user who complained on Twitter said “Facebook appears to be down! I can see my cover pic and top header but nothing else.”

All Good Now

The same user then added that he has seen and read other similar complaints from Facebook users complaining about the matter as well, so was assured that it was indeed a global situation at that point.

The source of the problem that disrupted the Facebook app was not stated or disclosed by Facebook, but have assured the users that the situation has been completely dismantled and dissolved completely as quickly as it had arisen.

Twitter served to be of great assistance to the situation as it had notified Facebook to a far more rapid rate as the frustrated users all expressed their disappointment and confusion on it.

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