Facebook is officially his big attack on TV’s inception (FB)

Zamah Facebook destination for the original TV program will begin on Thursday to become a card with launch from its redesigned video, reported Business Insider.

The new card is called the clock and shows more shows like Buzz Feed, Tastemade, Conde Nast Fun and Prima, Famous People Familiar with the Case.

Facebook officially confirmed the upcoming launch See Wednesday afternoon following the release of this report. The company has an exit date, but said it would happen “soon”.

Facebook provides high-quality video and scripts that make it important to keep users, especially for younger groups that are turning their Snapchat function more and more to their competitors. Also watch video as a rake tool traditionally reserved for conventional television brand advertising.

“We hope to observe the house for various shows – from the reality of comedy sports life,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook Post. “Some will be by professional artists, and other people regularly in our community.”

Follow the theme or story, the new “Watch” tab showing the episode video, Facebook said on Wednesday. Users can create a list of tracked pages to keep up with the new episodes of their favourite programs will also be available for watching TV on Facebook application.
Among the various parts of the card are “comments” and that no friends video.

Viewers will also see what others are watching

Facebook intends to show a broad gambit per hour, including a live entertainment homeowner to respond in real-time to users’ questions and live events, such as the Major League Game Time. The company also expects higher quality, traditional events such as those that can be seen on cable or television to win.

Facebook is originally expected to debit their new video card design and show the effort earlier this year, but the date has been removed several times, as several partners show they are taken on board.

In a typical Facebook mode, only a small percentage of users will see a new tab on the Facebook app after it starts on Thursday. However, Facebook plans to make it available to slow down in the coming weeks.

While some programs are instantly available to a small percentage of users with the first page clock output, around 40 performances are planned in the first complete list of programs so all August 28 debuts are people familiar with the case.