Mourinho Slams Arsene Wenger

Jose Mourinho has directed another jab at Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger by suggesting that the French man is ready for failure due to his long term stay at the club.

The Manchester United made the statement while he debunked the claim that he is only a manager for short term success as he believes he prepared the clubs he managed for success.

The Portuguese manager has never stated more than 3 years at a time at any of the club sides that he has managed till date and is currently on a three contract at Manchester United.

I Laid The Ground For Success

However in spite of the fact that he had achieved massive success at all the clubs that he has managed till date. A lot of critics still point to the fact that he has no staying power at the clubs that he manages, unlike Sir Alex Ferguson.

But Mourinho in his manner responded saying that he is more focused on achievements rather than longevity and leaves when he should so his legacy lives on even when he has left the club.

“People say I jump from one club to another and they are correct but that does not make me a short term manager.”
“I get teams ready for success so even when I leave the new manager will still find it easy to carry on so it is not really short term success.”