Manchester United Top Richlist

Manchester United are now the most valuable football club in the world for the first time in over four years with a net worth of 2.86 billion pounds.

The English Premier League club has now overthrown the UEFA Champions League winner Real Madrid.

According to Forbes, their calculation is based on equity, net debt, operating income and revenues for the 2015-2016 season.
Manchester United generated over 765 million US dollars in 2014 and the biggest drop in the list this year is Real Madrid, which slipped from number one to third on the list.

Barcelona maintained their second spot on the list with a net worth of about 2.82 billion pounds against Real Madrid’s 2.77 billion dollars. Both Bayern Munich and Manchester City make up the top five with 2.10 billion dollars and 1.61 billion dollars respectively.

Leicester City made their first entrance into the top 20 alongside West Ham who are now number 15 on the list after moving to the new London Stadium.

See the full list below

1 – Manchester United 3.69bn US Dollars (£2.86bn)

2 – Barcelona 3.64bn US Dollars (£2.82bn)

3 – Real Madrid 3.58bn US Dollars (£2.77bn)

4 – Bayern Munich 2.71bn US Dollars (£2.1bn)

5 – Manchester City 2.08bn US Dollars (£1.61bn)

6 – Arsenal 1.93bn US Dollars (£1.5bn)

7 – Chelsea 1.85bn US Dollars (£1.43bn)

8 – Liverpool 1.49bn US Dollars (£1.15bn)

9 – Juventus 1.26bn US Dollars (£976m)

10 – Tottenham 1.06bn US Dollars (£821m)

11 – Paris St Germain 841m US Dollars (£652m)

12 – Borussia Dortmund 808m US Dollars (£626m)

13 – AC Milan 802m US Dollars (£621m)

14 – Atletico Madrid 732m US Dollars (£567m)

15 – West Ham 634m US Dollars (£491m)

16 – Schalke 04 629m US Dollars (£487m)

17 – Roma 569m US Dollars (£441m)

18 – Inter Milan 537m US Dollars (£416m)

19 – Leicester City 413m US Dollars (£320m)

20 – Napoli 379m US Dollars (£294m)