Lonzo Ball dishes double figures as Lakers get OT win over Wizards

It was evident that the Wizards were out to torture Lonze Ball on Wednesday night. There were predictions that John Wall would give the rookie a tight game. Ball in front with quick hands and feet held his own, but Wall went for a 2-for-7 shooting when Ball defended him. He was able to strip Wall in the first two minutes of the game and then again in the second quarter.

In overtime, Wall had 1-for-5 with 2-points, while Ball made two assists and got two points.

The Breakthrough

Ball has been struggling with his shot since the birth of the season, missing all attempts of his 3-point shots. But tonight he got what he really wanted – a win for his team. He finished with ten assists, one block, one steal and eight rebounds alongside his 6-points with one turnover.

Ball increased his aggressiveness during overtime with powerful dives and a “more-locked-in” which landed the Wizards their first loss of the season. Ball made his first point during the third quarter of the game by shooting one of the prettiest floaters of the season. His amazing defenses kept the Wizards offense under tight control. Few minutes before halftime, Ball on occasions, carelessly lobbed entry passes through a crowded interior.

Ball felt that tonight was the best defensive night of all their game. He said it all began at practice and the team was ready for the night. Their training didn’t go to waste and could be seen on the court, the way they played as a team.