Forlan Should Shut Up – Dani Alves

Dani Alves has blasted former Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan on social media after he was criticized by the way he and Neymar’s treated Cavani during Paris Saint-Germain’s game.

The Paris Saint Germain players argued over who was going to take a setpiece in their game against Lyon. Neymar argued with Cavani over who was going to take a spot-kick and when they got a free kick at the edge of the box. Dani Alves refused to hand the ball to Cavani but offered it to Neymar instead.

They Stole My Ball

Although after the incident, Alves stated the ball was stolen from him by Neymar, Diego Forlan called the two players out for acting like “little boys” and causing trouble for Cavani.
Forlan further stated that Neymar would not have treated Messi the way acted towards Cavani and said Alves should not have gotten involved.

However, Dani Alves didn’t take his criticism lightly and directed a tweet at the striker who he said should mind his business.

“I don’t know which game you saw but I did not give the ball to Neymar, he took the ball from me.”

“For the record, I was the one who scored the last PSG spot kick so you (Forlan) should shut his mouth and stop using me to generate views.”

The club manager revealed that Alves tried to resolve the issue between the players and said he would be the one to pick the set-piece taker.