17 Nations Call For Russia’s Ban

17 national anti-doping organizations have called for the ban of Russia from the Winter Olympics in 2018.

The call for a ban comes 5 months before the beginning of the Pyeongchang Games as the group believes the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision not to ban Russia from carrying out one of the biggest doping scandals as detrimental to the game.

The group, Nados, which the US and U.K. Anti-doping agency is a part of believes that Russia has to be punished following their involvement in doping in the 2014 Sochi games and have continued to fail in their decision to rid the sport of doping.

The group also stated that they had doubts about the state of doping at the 2018 Pyeongchang 2018 games which are set take place from 9-25 February.

New Report Indicts Russia

A report by the World Anti-doping agency showed that there was evidence of state sponsored doping in Russia and the IOC are yet to decided on the punishment to be meted out.

The commissions that were put in place in December last year are yet to decide on the state of Russia and there is a chance that Russia could get away with just a fine.

The vice-president of the IOC, John Coates, revealed that although the body had gotten information on the doping allegations, they needed concrete proof.

“It would be great if all this can be concluded before the Pyeongchang game and we are hoping that’s the case,” he said.