U.K In Fear Of Eradication Due To Russian And Western Tensions

The outcome of the current geopolitical intensification between Russia and the Western Block is pumping fear into the rational of academics and experts all over the globe.

A clash between the two major hegemony contenders would symbolize in the eyes of many the end of the earth we know and the extermination of a vast majority of the human race.

Both post-WWII rivals have a military power that is unmatched by the rest of the world combined, possessing enough weapons of mass destruction to annihilate the planet.

The nuclear arsenal of one of these countries is sufficient to create an irreversible chain-reaction of humanitarian and environmental damages that can lead our race towards extinction.

Don’t wake the Russian Bear up

The Russian bear is known to be resting on the largest stoke pile of nuclear warheads and as a political expert said a decade ago: “Let the Russian bear sleep and don’t wake him up, you won’t like the result” The United Kingdom’s Defense Minister, Michael Fallon, didn’t acknowledge the academic advise and has stipulated on a local radio show, the possibility of Britain to conduct a preemptive nuclear strike on Russia under certain unmentioned conditions.

He supported his contingency plane by picturing the geopolitical threat that the Russian expansionist government has been posing to the Western hegemonic dominance and national interest through their foreign policy in the recent years.


An expected response with an expected magnitude was backfired from Russia’s Frants Klintsevich, who heads the defense and security committee in Moscow’s upper house of parliament, saying that in case the United Kingdom dares to violate the Russian sovereignty or initiate an assault that Britain would: “literally wiped off the face of the Earth by a counter strike”.

The light at the end of tunnel in global diplomacy seems to be absent and the coming age might hold severe darkness.

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