Russian and Iranian Escalations Against Trump For His Unilateral Decision

The status of the Syrian conflict is the most entangled and complex political crisis in the 21st century; sheltering various factions inside the country, including the government, that compete for the sovereignty on the territories of the nation.

The confusing matter arises in the different foreign powers that back each faction in the “Civil War”, creating several proxies for the national interest of a multitude of countries.

Humanitarian disaster

Under the umbrella of the Russian and Iranian military, the Syrian armed forces (led by Mr. Bashar El-Assad) have shown no mercy and stunning aggressiveness to all militias opposing them; causing a tremendous amount of “collateral damage”.

From barrel bombs dropped by fighter jets, to Special Forces with tanks operating in civilian areas arriving to the alleged use of chemical weapons.

The use of these internationally prohibited arms have provoked vocal criticism in the international community, prompting several nations to demand direct intervention to topple the Syrian government.`

Russian umbrella and threat

After a chemical attack took place in 2013, the Russian government rapidly intervened to foster the situation and eliminate the chemical arsenal of Mr. Bashar; under the request and co-agreement of the Security Council in the United Nations.

Another incident of the same sort that took place this week, shocking the international community, saw an unprecedented reaction of the USA that marked their first direct intervention in the conflict.

The American armed forces launched 60 Tomahawk missile on a Syrian air base, provoking the rage of Russia and Iran; as the main Allies of the Syrian government.

The American leadership is pointing fingers at Russia for failing to secure a chemical free weapon zone as agreed, as well as being the backer of a mass murdering dictator.

The Russian and Iranian counterparts are denying the involvement of Mr.Bashar in that atrocious event and are escalating the political tension against the American regime, on the international stage, promising to retaliate in corresponding time and means.

The unilateral decision taken by Mr. Trump will have heavy implications and the following reverberations will further destabilize the region. An escalation between Russia and the United States on the battlefield could lead to an outcome that will spill negative externalities on all corners of the globe.

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