Fake Twitter Account Announces Queen Elizabeth’s Death

Uproar and utter states of confusion and panic have erupted as a false Twitter account of the BBC announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II, saying she had died on December 29th at night.

In the shocking tweet, it read: “BREAKING: Buckingham Palace announces the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 90. Circumstances are unknown. More to follow.”

The false twitter account had been shut down afterwards, but not without the social media sites being bombarded with confusion and disarray.

Some have stated that perhaps these tweets may be inspired by the famous album “The Queen is Dead” that was produced by The Smiths.

A Rush for the Truth

Tweets reacting to the false news rushed to reassure the rest that this has all been one colossal misunderstanding and inaccuracy of facts.

One tweet read the news of the Queen’s death is absolutely false and inaccurate, adding that if anyone has died in this matter, it is Britain, for being so gullible and believing anything they are told or see in general.

Another sarcastic tweet read that such rumors about the Queen’s death had first been set off by The Smiths originally.

Social Media Bombed

As the reactions of several more users poured in, several more sarcastic and rather interesting views came in as well.

One Twitter user had posted assuring that no, the Queen is still alive, but urged others to stop spreading her false death rumor, as it gets his hopes up for nothing.

The incorrect news comes right after the moment when Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had both come down with a hard case of the flu, and had been forced to cancel out their traditional yearly Christmas plans at Sandringham, which had never been cancelled by them for almost three decades now.

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