Artist Benjamin Von Wong Creates Mermaid Art from 10,000 Plastic Bottles

The Canadian artist, Benjamin Von Wong, borrowed 10,000 plastic bottles from a waste management center and used them to create “mermaids trapped in a plastic beach” in order to raise awareness towards pollution.

Von Wong said this was in response to the shocking report that the world’s oceans may contain more plastic than fish by 2050.



The 28-year-old-artist told Global News: “I’ve always been morbidly fascinated by how much waste we generate, I just didn’t know how to represent it but when my mom stumbled across a designer that made mermaid tails, that’s when everything started coming together in my mind.”

Volunteers of Von Wong’s reportedly removed the labels and caps from the bottles, cleaned them and used them for the art project.

Von Wong said this was in response to what he found to be a shocking  report by the World Economic Forum, that the world’s oceans may contain more plastic bottles than fish by 2050.

The study reported that eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean per year. This equates to an entire garbage truck being dumped in the ocean per minute.

They predicted that this could increase to two trucks per minute by 2030, and four trucks per minute by 2050.



“Fish eat plastic. Humans eat fish. Plastic is not good for anyone and there is no solution in sight,” Von Wong said.

Von Wong then started this #MermaidsHatePlastic campaign in order to encourage people to buy recyclable bottles, and to promote the eventual reduced use of plastic bottles in the future.

James Cordwell, the marine campaigner for the Australian Marine Conservation Society said:

“Plastic pollution is a very real threat to our marine environment that has become such a problem that it’s literally choking the life out of our oceans and beaches,” he says.

“You won’t find a beach in Australia that doesn’t have some form of plastic washed up on it.”

“Plastic is floating around out there, choking and tangling wildlife. Fish are unknowingly ingesting tiny plastic microparticles and sea turtles are biting into

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