2016 Considered Warmest Year on Record

Ever since records have been taken since the 1880’s regarding Earth’s climate, it has been announced that the years between 2014-2016 have officially been referred to as the hottest years on the planet.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) stated last Wednesday that the heat record all around the world has been beaten for three consecutive years.

The WMO checked several sources in order to gather up their records on the global temperatures. The UK Met Office, NASA, and others data had been compared and analyzed by the WMO to come up with their figures.

A Hot Future

It was discovered that the temperatures over the planet’s oceans and continents in the year of 2016 were found to have exceeded the pre-industrial expected temperature.

According to reports, a harsh 1.1 degree Celsius had been the current increase in the Earth’s global temperature.

Such a finding serves as a troubling matter as the Paris Climate Agreement that had taken place back in 2015 had stated that we should not exceed a 1.5 degree Celsius increase. If the current temperature is 1.1 C, then we are already almost at the temperature that was set by the Climate pact.

A Shocking Perspective

Although 2014, 2015, and 2016 have served as the hottest years in a row ever recorded, with 2016 serving as the hottest, another worrisome matter has arisen out of this matter.

It would mean that out of the 16 from the 17 hottest recorded years to have occurred, they would have taken place ever since we entered this century just 17 years ago alone, according to data by the NOAA.

However, a more troubling perspective to simplify this entire matter would be to say that ever since the year of 1911, we have not had any record of cold years, according to data that was brought to light.

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