In Shocking Video, Detroit Rapper Molly Brazy Points Gun At A Toddler’s Head

A disturbing video emerged on social media showing an up-and-coming female rapper pointing a handgun at a toddler’s head, Detroit Police have launched an investigation into the matter.

On Friday, a nearly minute-long video was shared on Facebook by Detroit rapper, G’Mac Cash, depicting 18-year-old Molly Brazy and an unnamed little girl. The video begins with Brazy talking to the toddler about candy. The little girl is next seen playing with what looks like a large handgun, which she then throws at the rapper.

Brazy harshly asks the girl ‘Why would you do that?’ Afterwards she grabs the the gun and points it at the toddler’s forehead. ‘You better stop playing,’ she continues on telling the toddler.

This is when someone off camera begins streaming the video to Facebook Live. Molly Brazy is heard telling that person “you better not, you’re gonna get me in trouble.”

As of Wednesday morning, the video has gone viral and racked up just under 177,000 views.

An investigation underway:

This week, The Detroit Police Department became aware of the video and then sent it to its cyber experts to take a closer look at it. The police’s main concern is to determine whether or not the firearm seen in the video is real.

Sgt. Michael Woody, of Detroit police said that it’s very concerning to see anybody point a weapon at a small child.

On Tuesday, Brazy’s manager insisted that the handgun is a plastic toy and that the 18-year-old rapper was just playing with the little girl in the video. He added that Brazy is ‘remorseful’ over the incident, and that the video is a month old.

A penchant for firearms:

In her rap videos and still photos posted on her Facebook account, Brazy is often pictured carrying handguns and assault-style rifles.

Brazy was interviewed by the YouTube channel Say Cheese TV last October where she addressed her penchant for brandishing firearms in her music videos, she claimed that the weapons seen on screen are real.

The interviewer asked her whether she was concerned about being a bad role model for children, to which she casually replied: ‘I don’t really give a f***.’

Brazy also confessed to growing up in a gang, and that all four of her older brothers were serving time in jail.

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