British Man in Critical Condition After Being Shot in the Head

Christopher Tester, 37, a British citizen was shot in the head during an attempt of someone robbing the restaurant his parents own in Antigua.

Tester was not killed from the fatal shot, but is currently in an extremely severe condition after the incident which occurred on Christmas Day.

Tester lives in Torquay, Devon and had taken a vacation for three weeks to visit the island of Antigua situated in the Caribbean, and recent reports have mentioned that he is currently in a coma.

Friends of Tester have initiated a petition in which they plan to raise about £90,000 so as to send Tester back to the UK for the continuation of his treatment and further supervision.

As of Tuesday, about £30,000 has officially been raised for this cause.

A Loved Family

Tester received great support by his friends, and his parents Tony and Gill Tester, who own The Boxer Shack restaurant are known to be widely praised and loved by the expats who preside in Antigua.

Tester upon embarking on his holiday trip to the island had posted a picture in which he wore a shirt that had the logo of The Boxer Shack on it, and was posing with a fish he had caught.

Time Will Tell

Friends of the family have claimed that the parents were threatened at gunpoint range at their restaurant in the evening of Christmas Day.

Furthermore, there have been worries and concerns regarding the hospital Trester was sent to, which believe it does not possess the proper medical equipment and facilities, along with doubts of the expertise amongst the medical staff as well.

These worries have led to efforts in returning Tester back to the UK as soon as possible.  Charlotte Williams, a friend of Tester remarked about this cause by saying “They need to raise £90,000. It will save his life. Please help us perform a Christmas miracle.”

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