You’re Fired: Former Apprentice star President Trump sacks attorney general after she says his immigration rules are not legal

President Donald Trump has removed acting Attorney General Sally Yates from her post after she said that his order to prevent people from seven, mainly Muslim, countries from entering the US may not be lawful.

The president said that she had “betrayed” America by refusing to back his policy. And, just two hours after she was sacked, the former reality star also fired Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Daniel Ragsdale, without giving any reason publicly.

Ms Yates, who was appointed under Barack Obama’s regime said that she wasn’t even sure that President Trump’s new order was lawful. In a quickly arranged ceremony, Dana Boente has now been sworn in as her replacement and has already told the Justice Department that it must stand behind the order given by President Trump.

A replacement has also quickly been found for Mr Ragsdale, with Thomas Homan taking on his role following his enforced exit from the post.

Exactly right

Amid protests being held across America and the World against Mr Trump’s so-called Muslim ban, Senator Ted Cruz, who ran against President Trump in the presidential candidate race, has defended his former rival, saying that his was “exactly right”.

Mr Cruz said that there had been eight years of a “lawless” Department of Justice under President Obama’s rule and that Ms Yates gave the President no choice but to fire her. He added that she had joined a line of Attorney Generals who had put “partisan interests” ahead of their loyalty to the law.

Her sacking came after Mr Yates penned a letter to lawyers saying that she must make sure that the position of the Department of Justice was legally defensible and informed by a best view of what the law is. She went on to say that she was not convinced that the executive order was lawful.


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