We will quit the single market to regain control of our borders, says Theresa May

In her longest speech about Brexit since Britain voted to leave Europe, Prime Minister Theresa May has warned the EU that she will fight back if negotiations don’t go her way. The Prime Minister said she would be removing Britain from the European single market so that it can control immigration.

She said Britain would no longer let European judges decide what it could do, and that it could no longer continue with an immigration policy dictated by Europe. However, she did tell MPs that they would get a vote on the final Brexit deal once it was thrashed out.

Dressed in a Vivienne Westwood tartan suit, which is a favourite when she needs to back a political punch, Mrs May said that Britain still had the potential to become a great global trading nation that commanded respect across the world. She said she was determined to get the right deal for Britain abroad, as well as making sure that “ordinary working people at home,” were looked after. It was, she said, a vision for both a strengthened British economy and a more fair society.

We will make it difficult

Mrs May even went as far as to threaten to make life very difficult for the EU if members tried to damage Britain. She said that if a “punitive” settlement was pushed through, then Brussels would only be harming itself as Britain would cut corporation tax in a bid to bring business to its shores.

She also said that she was prepared to walk away without a deal rather than accept one which was not in the British interest. “No deal for Britain,” she said, “is better than a bad deal”. There was no question, said Mrs May, that getting out of the single market was the best thing to do because otherwise, Britain would have to retain current free movement legislation.


Judith is a qualified journalist who has worked in both the UK and the US, specialising in writing about politics, education and health.