Trump expresses “great faith” in the Saudi anti-corruption campaign

President Donald Trump on Monday expressed his “great trust” in Saudi leaders under continuous anti-corruption drive and wrote in a twitter “know exactly what to do.”

In two parts of Twitter’s message from Tokyo Trump said he had great confidence in König Salman and Crown Prince, adding that some of the arrested have “guarded” their country for years!

Trump reacted to the arrests of prominent Saudi kings and trustees, who were deployed under the leadership of Kronprinz Mohammad Bin Salman.

The Saudi government described action as a comprehensive effort to fight corruption

It emphasizes the unprecedented reorganization of the Kingdom as Prince Mohammed reinforced the dramatic reform of the post-oil campaign and consolidated power before the final heir as king.
Historically, the United States and Saudi Arabia have close ties, Trump repeated in May when he visited the country on his first foreign trip after taking office.

Washington and Riyadh have announced more than Usd 380 billion worth of contracts, including a Usd 110 billion weapon deal aimed at fighting perceived threats from Iran and radical Islamists.

Trump spoke Saturday with König Salman by telephone, reading from his office in which he praised the monarch and his “current public statements by his son about the need to establish a peaceful, moderate, and tolerant region,” and called for the kingdom. Choose Wall Street as the petroleum div Aramco’s IPO.