North Carolina Seeks to Abolish ‘Bathroom Bill’

Lawmakers in the state of North Carolina have requested into completely dismantling the controversial law that had been passed which permits a sign on the bathroom strictly for transgenders.

Several transgender individuals have their sexuality stated on their birth certificate, but the lawmakers continue to be aggravated by this ‘bathroom bill’ as it is commonly referred to.

The Charlotte City Council has voted for abolishing this law that permits the bathroom bill.

The repeal would prove to be of a vital sign for collaboration regarding the Democratically elected Roy Cooper.

This is due to the fact that just one week ago, lawmakers of North Carolina had removed some of power that Cooper may have possessed when he starts his term within the next month.

The Repeal in Process

HB2 is the name given to an opposition towards the state law, and Governor Pat McCrory has announced that he will meet with the legislators on Wednesday so as to abolish HB2, which does not mention the sexual orientation, along with gender identities in being protected from any type of discrimination or abuse.

Julie Eiselt, a member from the Charlotte City Council stated that there are more than enough lawmakers within the state that refuse to participate, let alone experience any more damage being inflicted towards North Carolina.

Transgender Not Qualified

Republicans have stated that in order for a full repeal process to rid of the HB2 law to be completed, another task first must be taken out.

The Charlotte ordinance, which guarantees the rights for transgender individuals to have their own specific sign on bathrooms based on what is written within their sexual identification, must be abolished as well in order for the repeal of HB2 to be fully completed.

Those who were in favor of HB2 are astonished as to how legislators can possibly be voting for the removal of it.


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