Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron Warns against Whitehall Brexit “Stitch-up”

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, Tim Farron has warned that the final deal on Brexit cannot be a “stitch-up” between Whitehall and Brussels.  He wants to hold Theresa May’s government to account over the issue.

He said that he would unite MPs from all parties in wake of the Supreme Court ruling, with a view of maximising any deal on Brexit.

Theresa May, Prime Minister of Britain is under pressure from all sides including those in her own party.

Both Labour and the Conservatives have dismissed the idea of a referendum on the final terms of Brexit.  Tim Farron wants to use their relatively high influence in the Lords to put the referendum on the table to dictate the terms of Article 50.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 he said, “We take the view that the vote in June was a vote for departure from the European Union. It was not a vote for destination. There should not be a stitch-up between Whitehall and Brussels over the content of our new relationship with Europe. The British people should have this final say.”

White Paper

MPs from all sides want to scrutinise government plans on Brexit and have called for a White Paper to allow them to do this.  The decision to leave the single market is worrying some MPs cross party.

Farron described the white paper as the least the government could do.

Labour’s shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti, said that her party did want a referendum on the final deal, but instead wanted full scrutiny and a parliamentary vote at the end of the process to approve the final Brexit deal.  This would include a white paper.

Tim Farron, together with others initially wanted a new referendum stating that British people were lied to on how much the EU cost amid other claims.  Since then the party has moved to a position of another referendum on the final Brexit deal.