Man killed by huge crocodile while trying to walk over flooded Australian road

A 47 year old man has died after being dragged into a river by a huge crocodile while trying to wade across a flooded road. The man attempted to walk through water at Cahills Crossing in Australia’s Northern Territory when the 3.3-metre animal struck.

Two women, who were travelling with him, could only watch on in disbelief as he was pulled into the river and disappeared. His body was eventually found around 2km downriver, but the crocodile was guarding its kill, and police had to shoot it so they could retrieve him.

Officers said that the injuries on his body were “consistent with being taken by a crocodile,” by a post mortem will still be carried out in Darwin. The area is notorious for flooding and for the number of crocodiles which live there. Parks and Wildlife chief Tom Nichols said that people needed to be aware that there were crocodiles in the river. He added: “They know better. They know crocodiles are in that area but people do silly things unfortunately.”


The road is often under water too deep to pass during high tide, but 4x4s are able to cross when river levels are low enough. However police say people should not attempt to cross on foot because of the risks. This latest death follows a fatality in 1987 when 40 year old Kerry McLoughlin was killed during a fishing trip. He fell into the water while fishing with his son, and was decapitated by a 5.1 metre beast.

Last month, seven people had to be rescued from the same spot where the latest death took place. Their 4×4 broke down while trying to cross the river and they climbed on top of the roof to shout for help. Thankfully, none of them entered the water and a passer-by called emergency services to come to their rescue.

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