Identity of Wounded Washington Officer Revealed

The police officer shot and severely injured in Washington has now been revealed as being Mike McClaughry, 61 years old.

Christopher Cammock, a lieutenant from the Mount Vernon Police announced that Mick had been shot in the head while he was investigating another shooting in an area situated in northern Seattle.

McClaughry has three children and has been serving with the Mount Vernon Police for about 32 years up till now.

Mr. Cammock states that McClaughry was the one to initiate an educational program regarding confrontation and battling the excessive use of narcotics, which has led to him serving as an icon to several citizens.

According to Mr. Cammock, Mick has served as a professional trainer to about 75 percent of the officers who still serve in the Mount Vernon Police Department, along with being a professional scout.

The Injury Status

McClaughry remained in an acute position while from the head gunshot he had received and is currently hospitalized at the Seattle hospital.

The officer is said to have shown progress in his severe state, and according to Cammock, “the news is more positive than negative,” adding that he was a vigilant and strong character.

The Shooter

The gunman was identified as Ernesto Lee Rivas, 44, and has been taken into custody by the authorities with a $1 million bail that was declared for him.

Ernesto had apparently been shooting at several police officers whilst shielding himself at a random house in Mount Vernon.

Negotiators attempted in talking him down for a few hours, and two other youngsters were also taken into custody, with half a million dollar bails being stated for them two.

McClaughry had been shot in the head whilst he was in the process of seeking out witnesses to a separate shooting incident where someone had allegedly been skimmed by a gunshot, but no serious injury had occurred.

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