Cop Race Kills An Elder And Investigation Is Kept Secret From The Victim’s Family

Over the course of history, authority has usually found itself immune to the legislations in its sovereignty and has often found means to bend the rules and regulations toward its benefit.

The present days see a different concept of ruling institution as official are prone to sanctions but repeatedly cooperate in their field network to bail each other out of outlaw behavior.

In the contemporary United States of America, the situation is shadier then the image presented to the international sphere of formal bureaucracy and lack of corruption.

The police department of all states in the country has a bunker of dead corpses under its establishment.

Despicable action

Adam Soto, 24 a Philadelphia cop has acted in a despicable way by racing his colleague, Tony Forest, 25, over 80 miles per hour in a school zone with a 30 mph speed limit; running over an 50 year old citizen and killing him.

The two officers, who have served in the local authorities for a total of 3 years, have surrendered themselves immediately to the local police station and have been put on trial by local judicial authorities.

First Assistant District Attorney Kathleen Martin expressed his outrage and discontent, stipulating: “This is a particularly egregious act.

Officer Soto, who once took an oath to serve and protect, is charged with literally running down and killing one of his fellow citizens.”

Family frustration

The needle in the heart only got deeper for the family of the victim, Daniel Dimitri, as they were unable to access most of the data concerning the investigation and were kept out of any advancements.

The niece of the killed man was frustrated and hopeless as she told reporters: “It took them three months to bring on charges and to arrest [Soto]. I do feel that it is because he is a cop. If that was anyone else, it would’ve been different”

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