Parents Found Guilty Of First-Degree Murder After Letting Diabetic Son Starve To Death

For years Emil and Rodica Radita isolated and neglected their son Alexandru until his eventual death, he was said to be so emaciated that he appeared mummified.

A 15-year-old boy died due to untreated diabetes and starvation, his parents were found guilty of first-degree murder.

On Friday, a court in Canada heard the case of Alexandru who was neglected and isolated by his parents Emil and Rodica Radita for years until his eventual death. He was said to be so emaciated that he appeared mummified.

Neglected and isolated:

Following months of suffering due to untreated diabetes, Alexandru, one of the Raditas’ eight children, died in 2013 at their home in Calagry, Canada. He reportedly weighed less than 37 pounds at the time of death.

Justice Karen Horner told the court: “Mr and Ms Radita intended to and did isolate Alex from anyone who could intervene or monitor his insulin treatment aside from themselves.

“Alex died as a result of bacterial sepsis brought on by extreme starvation. His physical condition at death was not a sudden or quick occurrence but rather took place over months and possibly, probably years.”

Judge Horner continued saying that Alexandru was diagnosed with diabetes at an early age. By isolating him, his parents left him totally dependent on them. It was also clear, according to Horner, that the Raditas knew what they were doing and the long-term consequences of denying their son the proper medication.

She added that the evidence shows that the Raditas were aware of how ill Alex was and still refused to treat his medical condition with proper medical care. They knew he was dying.

Witnesses stated that the parents refused to accept that their son had diabetes and didn’t treat him until he was admitted to hospital near death in British Columbia in 2003.

Alexandru was placed in foster care after his hospitalization, for nearly a year, where he thrived. But he was returned to his family and soon after, they moved house to a different area

Mummified from neglect:

One of the paramedics called to the scene following the death stated that Alexandru was emaciated to the point where he appeared ‘mummified’.

His face had no visible flesh left and his left jaw had open sores so deep she could see his jawbone.

He was extraordinarily skinny that there was nothing left of his stomach and his waist line was approximately three inches. He was dressed in a diaper and a T-shirt

The Reditas were sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. They reportedly didn’t show any emotion or had a comment during sentencing.

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