15 Year Old Teen Raped and Murdered in Graveyard

Miles Hughes, now, 18, had raped and murdered a 15 year old schoolgirl when he was 17 years old at a graveyard and faces multiple of years in incarceration.

Hughes had reportedly carved his name onto the arm of the 15 year old victim, then stabbed her numerous times repeatedly until eventually leaving her body out in the graveyard.

The event took place at London’s Hampstead cemetery, and reports state that the young teen had screamed and requested for mercy and for Hughes to stop, but he dismissed her pleas and proceeded to rape her.

Hughes then confessed to the authorities about his actions once he turned 18 years old, and the police had raided his bedroom only to find bizarre and disturbing sketches of a clown that had the Nazi insignia drawn on the head, along with the numbers ‘666.’

A Disturbed Mind

In a separate sketch found in the room was a person with the statement “Anger creates monsters, hatred gives them reason.”

According to Hughes, he claims that he had several voices in his head that repeatedly told him to murder the young girl.

Although Hughes has denied that he raped the young girl along with attempted murder, he was still sentenced to both of these charges as of last Thursday.

Aware or Insane?

Judge John Bevan QC during the trial told Hughes that he can expect a severe prison sentence to be imposed on him within the next month, then requested that a psychological examination to be conducted on the 18 year old boy in order to determine just how much of a threat this teenager can be for the public.

Hughes stated that he intended on hurting the 15 year old girl, but nothing more, adding as well that the sexual act was completely consensual, although at the time of the incident a passerby had witnessed the act and shouted to Hughes to get off the young girl.

On February 24th, an additional sentencing is set to take place.

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