US describes Hafiz Saeed as a terrorist

Hafiz Saeed happens to be the alleged terrorist leader behind the Mumbai attackers, designated by the United Nations and the United States. This was noted by the trump administration after he was released by a Pakistani court. He has been under detention since January with a 10 million bounty on his head announced by the United States.

“Saeed was also individually appointed by the UN under the United Nations Security Council resolution in December 2008 following the November 2008 Mumbai attack, “ as noted by a US Department of Treasury official .

Saeed was banned from the Jamat –ud-Dawa who claim to be a charity organization although the United States believe they are a front for a militant group in Pakistan called Lashkar-e – Taiba.

Saeed lived freely in Pakistan until his arrest in January when he was accused of leading attacks in Mumbai. These attacks include the death of 166 people, with 200 left injured. Pakistan was blamed for these attacks, as India accused them of sponsoring the LeT.

After a Pakistani court rejected a government plea for Saeed’s house arrest to be extended three months, United States president Donald Trump accused Pakistan of housing “agents of chaos. “The United State Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson made it clear that the USA had previously made “very specific “request as regards militancy in Pakistan.

Questionable Behavior

Saeed is known to have made anti–Indian speeches using his high profile and public life as a means after his house arrest in 2008.

The move for his release in Pakistan as noted by PTI, quoting a government source, establishes how Pakistan has hoodwinked the international community as regards the imminent problem of terrorism across the globe.

Demonstration has been carried out in Pakistan after foreign pressure, leading to another house arrest for him in January.