The Environmental Protection Agency offers employees buy in an attempt to reduce staff

The US Environmental Protection Agency plans to offer some staff to reduce staffing programs, see the Internal Memorandum from Reuter, and Minister Donald Trump proposes to reduce the budget and the staff’s staff by regulating the Agency.

Letter sent by acting deputy Administrator Mike Flynn on Thursday said the agency would complete the purchase program in September. He did not give the dollar a buy figure or say how many employees are expecting to accept the offer.
The letter was sent to all employees as Scott Pruitt, EPA administrator, Trump in the White House joined, announcing that he will withdraw the United States from the climate agreements in Paris.

“The first outings and outings are buying … can help us meet mission demands set our people to change and move to new models of work,” said the Memorandum. “The government promotes voluntary termination of employment and helps the labor restructuring agency with minimal workforce breaks.”
Memorandum, Flynn said the Office of Management and Budget White House must approve the purchase plan. EPA and other federal agencies offered buyouts to employees in the past.

Here’s an economic argument to revoke Donald Trump’s Climate Paris

Donald Trump is quoted to make his economic conclusion to the US climate agreement in Paris.
Career EPA staff at the top is assumed because Trump’s office as chairman of the major air and water regulations of the EPA in its first 100 days to get rid of the promised.

Pruitt, who is convinced of the instrumental voice of the trumpet, is the United States climate agreement in Paris, suspending the suspicion that people are driving climate change and believes that the Agency should reduce the demands on the energy industry. The agency has also come up with evidence of climate change and links from the EPA climate change reports from your websites.