San Diego apartment shooting leaves one dead and seven wounded,Police kill shooter

A lady was murdered while seven persons sustained wounds, with many in critical conditions, after a male suspect fired a gun in some San Diego building poolside having several grownups had a birthday celebration on Sunday.
Law enforcement personnel hurried to the residential house in the University City vicinity and killed the suspect after he raised his weapon at them, San Diego Police boss stated.
The police got lots of phone calls immediately it was past 6 in the evening concerning the carnage at the La Jolla Crossroads residences, a posh building around Judicial Drive.
Incoming information were gloomy: a white male who wore short knickers was totting a handgun before firing at about thirty persons within the poolside who were mostly African American, as was described two eye witnesses.
A law enforcement chopper arrived at the locale first and, an aerial view revealed the assailant near the poolside as he was seen apparently trying to rearm his gun, Zimmerman stated.
Three policemen showed up at the poolside. Close by, the shooter pointed what looked like a big handgun at the policemen, prompting the policemen to open fire. The shooter known to be Peter Selis, forty-nine, was declared dead on the spot.
Seven persons, all grownups, were affected by the shooting: four black females, two black males and a male Latino. A black woman passed away later on in the clinic. The identity wasn’t made available. One of the victims was said to have damaged a limb as he fled from the scene of the incidence, Zimmerman noted.
The security agency is trying to ascertain and clear the mystery of the motivation for the killing, they are talking to witnesses, together with the responding officers. The police boss stated that Peter Selis must have lived in the same building with at least one the guests who attended the party.
The local security agency confirms that the wounded were moved out for treatment. Eyewitness reportedly confirmed that the crowd were commemorating a birth anniversary by the poolside.
Witnesses reported to have heard Peter say to some young women attending to a friend who had a wound “There is a choice to go or else remain here and lose your life”
Police remain uncertain that Peter is familiar with any of his victims.
Files confirm Selis declared himself as bankrupt in 2015 and indicated his profession to be a mechanic working in a San Diego Ford dealership, stating that he was a father to 2 kids plus one step-son, going by an application made to a Californian Bankruptcy Court.
An image of him on the sales’ webpage shows a stocky man having thinning dark hairs grinning at the cam.
The security agency created a “reunification centre” in the vicinity of the Judicial and Golden Haven roads for friends and family in need of updates concerning relations and neighbours.