Pop star Miley Cyrus hits the Clinton campaign trail

Controversial singer Miley Cyrus has surprised students at their college dorm by turning up to urge them to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Miley, who played teen pop sensation Hannah Montana, arrived at the George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia to campaign on behalf of Democrat candidate Mrs Clinton.

The 23-year-old had previewed what she was about to do with a Twitter Post which said “@HillaryClinton #imwithher”.

Former Disney star Miley donned a red, white and blue outfit as she surprised students by knocking on dorm room doors to tell students to use their power as millennial voters.

Miley threw her support behind Bernie Sanders before coming out in favour of Mrs Clinton. She has been outspoken about why Mrs Clinton’s rival, the Republican Donald Trump should not come to power, even comparing him to reality stars The Kardashians.

In an interview, she said: “I do think there’s something that goes with the Kardashians and Trump. The Kardashians are better than Trump because they are not trying to run the country. They are just trying to be famous, and that’s fine. We are obsessed with celebrity. When Trump started this, I was launching. I thought; ‘It’s not going to go anywhere, there’s no way he’ll be the candidate.”

Meanwhile, fellow singer Katy Perry was also on the campaign trail, but in Las Vegas. Wearing a T-shirt which said ‘Nasty Woman,’ she asked young voters to make sure they went out and used their right to vote.

Katy, best known for singing Roar and Firework, said: “You have to be present. This is an election that counts.”

As well as backing Mrs Clinton, Katy urged voters to put their cross on the ballot paper for Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto.

She is well known for supporting Mrs Clinton, having previously performed at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, Mrs Clinton is said to be riding high in the polls. Most polling and forecast evidence is suggesting a very comfortable win for Mrs Clinton on November 8.

However, Mr Trump has pointed to some polls which claim he is the one in the lead.

A poll for Investors’ Business Daily puts Mr Trump ahead with 42 per cent of the vote, with Mrs Clinton having 40 per cent of the vote. However, a poll for the Huffington Post puts Mrs Clinton ahead with 47.9 per cent with Mr Trump at 40.6 per cent.

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