Nevada picks emergency laws to fight pot narrowing

Recreational marijuana stores are facing supply problems, as demands for newly legal pot increases. Regulators approved rules that would increase the rate of licensing for marijuana distributors. This is coming after a legal fight over the flow of supplies after many retailers ventured into sales of recreational marijuana on the 1st of July.

Nevada’s unique pot laws

Among other legal pot states, Nevada seems to be outstanding with its law that allows strictly wholesalers of alcohol to move the drugs to store fronts from the growers. This will take place for the coming 18 months.

However, the rules Thursday employed to ensure that the state’s pot law is open and bright that it has a legal backup under some scenarios to permit some retails move pot from growers to storefronts was rewritten by the state.

Endorsement of the new proposal

The plan was endorsed by Gov. Brian Sandoval last week following a judge’s statement in June. The law says that only alcohol wholesalers are permitted to transport pot to store fronts from growers till the next 18 months.

The Judge discarded the claim by the state that it has the authority to license retailers of the pot to transport pot if there are fewer alcohol wholesalers to the middleman work.
Many retailers stockpiled supplies with a view of having overwhelming demand of recreational marijuana. This was in line with the license they got to distribute and sell medical pot.