Minnesota troopers help to save their colleague with swift blood delivery

Lisa Jaeger’s life saved after she had severe bleeding during childbirth. On May 18, a Minnesota woman from the southeastern part suffered severe bleeding as she underwent caesarean section to deliver her baby. However, her life was rescued – all thanks to the swift response of the three Minnesota troopers, Dau Yang, Jesse Einhorn and Jacob Letourneau.

More on the incident

According to the Twin Cities that was shared on YouTube on Thursday following a news conference, patrol Col. Matt Langer talked about the incident that took place when the vehicle fleet manager for the patrol got into labor, causing an emergency CS to be performed on her at the Mayo Clinic Health System. An unexpected hemorrhage started during the operation, and this caused Lisa to lose an enormous quantity of blood. Lisa Jaeger with her baby Ryan confirmed this at the news conference, saying that only heard the health care professionals talking to her, but found it extremely hard to respond.

According to Langer, during the incident, it was ascertained that she needed blood which could be found about 45 miles away. However, the troopers acted significantly and were able to deliver the blood in a short while from St. Paul to Red Wing where Mayo Clinic was cited.

Speaking to Lisa, the doctors made it clear to her that she had a very slim chance of surviving if the blood the troopers delivered didn’t come such quickly. He further said that the troopers only got to recall that all efforts were to save their colleague when they were already halfway through the rapid movement.

Lisa Jaeger stated that she is living healthily now and appreciates the efforts the troopers put in to ensure she came out of the theater alive. In her statement, she extended her accolades to nurses and doctors who never let her waste. Jaeger is married to Brent who resided in Cannon Falls, and they just had their first child, Ryan.

One of the troopers, Letoumeau said that he has to his credits about three blood runs, and when he learned that one of their staff was the person in question, they took it personally. He stated that he just got married lately, and he thought of a possible scenario where his wife gets into such – this made him go for the blood as fast as he could.

Langer said that hospitals demand for blood run in the case of severe hemorrhage during an emergency caesarean operation. He stated that plasma, blood, and platelets are part of what they convey. Patrol statistics show that Minnesota troopers have executed about 34 deliveries during emergencies.