Man arrested in death of missing teen from Virginian mosque

Policemen within Virginia captured the twenty-two years old male regarding passing away of the high school young lady that got accounted for as lost following exiting a place of prayer amidst some companions late last week.

Darwin Martinez Torres was associated with the killing, security authorities revealed. Authorities established the corpse accepted to belong to the seventeen year-old teen on a lake last weekend’s evening.

Policemen’s representative Tawny Wright stated how this young lady was strolling in the company of companions before getting engaged in a debate involving a male driving an auto near the beginning of the previous weekend. This male struck the lady as she ended up noticeably isolated from the companions. This young lady’s identity wasn’t instantly discharged.

Police revealed Torres got captured following a pursuit

This youngster was at a sleep-over around a faith-based establishment which specialists didn’t distinguish. However, Dulles Area Muslim Society affirmed during a media discharge how these high scholars partnered with their mosques.

“We’re crushed as well as sorrowful in the group experiences plus procedures of these shocking occasions,” their general publicist during a media discharge. “It’s the period for our meeting up to supplicated as well as look after our childhood.” Their general publicist was enrolling authorized advisors into helping anybody with such requirements.

Policemen revealed they investigated if this episode was a despise wrongdoing yet found no proof it was.