Lingerie ads for the Ada Lovelace collection causes an uproar

Named after the woman who first came up with the algorithm in the 1800s, the well-known fashion brand Dear Kate has come out with its new lingerie collection called The Ada Collection. The fashion house decided to promote the new innerwear line with an attention-grabbing ad featuring prominent women from the world of technology in lingerie from the Ada Lovelace line. But the very revealing advertisement has caused uproar in the tech world and many tech lovers have described the ads as upholding sexism in the technology industry.

Julie Sygiel, the founder and CEO of the company has come out with a statement defending her decision. According to her, “There has been a lot of sexism in tech, so we’re taking it one step further and really saying women should be respected regardless of what they’re wearing,” along with the comment that “At the end of the day everyone wears underwear.”

The advertisements feature a group of business women from the tech world working feverishly on their iPads and laptops. In one of the promotions, a woman is depicted posturing in front of a sticky notes covered wall with terms “Browser Exploits” and “JavaScript” .One of the women Sarah Conley the founder of Style It has said that she agreed to model in the ad in order to give more power to women.

Echoing Sygiel, Conley opines, “I do not feel the ad was sexist,” and add further that “The ad is not sexualized in any way.  We all wear underwear. If someone feels it’s anti-feminist or sexist for us to be shown in our underwear, they need to take a second look at it.”

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