Kentucky Science Center in a bid to broaden early childhood education initiative

As support of the community grows for the Kentucky Science Center, the later has announced the further development of early childhood education initiative, Science in Play. With it the Center hopes to engage children at a younger age.

“We’re working the early end of the pipeline with Science in Play initiative, and all of our early childhood work and really focusing on 21st century skills,” Jo Haas said.

Science Center adds more exhibition space for its first anniversary. A grant from PNC and the Grow Up Great Foundation allowed Kentucky Science Center to push the agenda much further. The Center has got spectacular $350,000 from these institutions.

The Center is expanding programming on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to amplify skills of the 21st century like problem solving, collaborating and persistence. The Kentucky Science Center supposes that its input proves values of 21st century skills at an early age. In the fall, the Center will travel with its Science in Play expo to counties across the Kentucky commonwealth.

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