Horicon Blood Drive Surpasses Goal

There were 38 total units, 28 pints of whole and 10 double units, of blood collected at the Horicon Blood Drive on Thursday, Jun 02. The goal had been 30 units. Co-chairs of the event were Grace Koch, Debbie Dehn and Chris Zuleger.
Five donors received gallon pins. They included Sharon Steinberg for 14 gallons, Carole Gahlman for 11 gallons, Dennis Dehn for 10 gallons, Charlie Bierman for six gallons and Ricky Locke for five gallons. Volunteers included Helen Neitzel, Jeanne Gietzel, Marlene Wendt, Ruth Poehlman, Rita Bacher, Mardell Roskopf, Dorothy Hargrave, Jane Westimayer, Dennis Dehn, Marge Anfinson, Mary Aumann, Carita Hoffman, Sharon Steinberg, Caren Breitkreutz and Karen Nagel.
Donations included cookies from Horicon Presbyterian Church, sandwich meat from LeRoy Meats of Horicon and Jensen’s Piggly Wiggly of Juneau, bread and milk from Horicon Kwik Trip on Barstow Street, and use of the hall from Local IAM 873. The next Horicon Blood Drive is scheduled for Tuesday, July 19.

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