Easyjet Pilot Makes Early Landing After Being Informed Of “Suspicious Conversation” On Flight

The pilot of an Easyjet plane was informed of a “suspicious conversation”, prompting him to make an early landing.

The Incident

An Easyjet plane traveling from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Stansted, United Kingdon, made an early landing on Saturday after the pilot was informed of a “suspicious conversation” taking place on the flight. The pilot made an early landing in Cologne-Bonn, an airport in Germany. The plane was evacuated of 151 passengers, and flights were delayed for at least three hours.

The conversation was reportedly between 3 British men, who were arrested for questioning. All other passengers on the flight were also detained in quarantine for around nine hours to ask questions about the suspects.

A Colgne-Bonn spokesman said: “The pilot had been informed about a suspicious conversation on board, after which he decided to make an unscheduled landing in Cologne-Bonn.” “After the safe landing… the 151 passengers left the [aircraft] via emergency slides and were taken to a transit gate.”

A backpack belonging to one of the men was also “blown up in a controlled manner” by the police.

Comments on the Incident

Richard Peters, a passenger who was interviewed, said: “To be fair spirits were quite high considering what had happened.”

“In the current climate you have to take everything seriously. My suspicion is it was, hopefully, nothing sinister. But you have to take everything seriously.”

“The right thing was done.”

Dave Hargreaves, another passenger, said: “In the flight I didn’t see the suspects at all. But I noticed quite a bit of activity, with aircrew popping into the cockpit repeatedly. And a slower than normal serving of the food and drink service.”

“Then at our cruising altitude I was surprised to see the air brakes go up on the wings and us start a rather speedy descent. It wasn’t until perhaps 10 minutes later that we were told ‘due to operational reasons’ we would be diverting to Cologne airport.”

An Easyjet spokesperson said: “We thank passengers for their understanding. The safety of Easyjet’s passengers and crew is our highest priority.”

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