4 Year Old Dies Alone Two Weeks After Mothers Death

A boy, 4, died alone two weeks following his mother’s death. He couldn’t call someone to help him nor eat. The little boy died from hunger after his mother suddenly collapsed and died in their shared apartment.

How Mulo and his mother died?

Two days after his death, Chadrack Mulo, was found. He was holding his mother’s decomposed body when he died.

Mulo’s tutors were worried when he didn’t show up in school so they call and then visited the family’s house in Hackney in East London twice but they couldn’t enter.

“The likelihood is that Chadrack lived alone in the family home for over a fortnight after his mother’s death. He was found a couple of days after his own death, with his arms around her body. She was by then very decomposed.” Mary Hassell, the coroner, announced.

The coroner continued that Mulo’s mother, Esther Eketi-Mulo, died unexpectedly of an epileptic fit probably in the beginning of October 2016.

Mulo suffered from autism and had learning difficulties.

“He died a fortnight later of dehydration and starvation. He was then found within approximately 48 hours.” Hassell of the St Pancras coroner’s court in north London confirmed.

Neighbors reaction

“It is so sad. It makes me so upset when I think I could have been his savior, but I just didn’t think anything was wrong.” Justin King, their neighbor, noted.

King, a Marie Curie nurse, was on a vacation in Africa with his wife and daughter when the incident happened.

He added: Esther seemed a lovely, kind woman and her son was very sweet. But they were withdrawn as a family and to not hear from them didn’t seem strange. We hardly interacted with them and it was normal for us to sometimes not see or hear them.”

“I wish I had thought more of not seeing them and been able to save his life. I did not hear the cries of the child and he could not raise the alarm.”

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