Research Shows Sugar-Free Drinks No Different than Sugared Ones

According to a recent research conducted regarding the health differences of artificially sweetened drinks and sugared ones, it has concluded that both are just as damaging to one’s body, and neither cause less weight gain.

The research revealed that the sugar-free soft drink beverages do not give less chances of an individual’s chance of becoming obese or receiving Type 2 diabetes, or other sugar related diseases.

Experts claim that industries that sponsor the sugar-free drinks or sugar-laden beverages are always biased undoubtedly, as at the end it is just a matter of business loyalty.

Apparently it has been stated that perhaps people that consume artificially sweetened beverages (ASBs) do end up in gaining more calories due to exciting the sweet taste buds located on the tongue.

The Artificial Myth

Christopher Millet, a senior investigator professor from the Imperial College in London regarding public health stated that there is a huge myth in the public in which many believe that so long as a beverage has no sugar, then automatically it must serve as a far healthier drink and does not in any way contribute to weight loss.

Mr. Millet added that they have found no supporting evidence for such a matter till now.

The Hidden Side to ASBs

Despite ASBs not only serving as a healthier alternative, reports show that the environmental consequences for producing ASBs was extremely worrisome, as it allegedly takes approximately 300 liters of water in order to produce just a mere half liter bottle of fizzy drinks.

ASB industry sponsored examinations and reports regarding its health benefits have shown to hold a biased perspective, as they have repeatedly pointed that ASBs aid in weight loss and serve as a health alternative in general.

However researchers have found no evidence that link sugared beverages and cases of obesity.


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