Physician Who Survived Ferguson’s Transplant Dies after Birth

Megan Moss Johnson from Ferguson recovered from a heart transplant seven years ago, but passed away on Tuesday shortly after the birth of a healthy baby.

During high school at Florissant County’s North Christian School, Johnson has developed a virus that led to myocarditis or heart inflammation. Recovered, or complications, such as congestive heart failure and pneumonia, brought to a heart transplant at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital when they were 23 years old.

Johnson is a musician Nathan Johnson married and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he delivered Eileen Kate on Tuesday morning. She spent six hours with the baby before losing consciousness, according to a friend.
Pregnancies after the heart transplant as its high risk for mother and child.

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Women are not advisable to get pregnant in the first year after the transplant, when the chances of rejection of the treatments higher and more potent drugs.

Higher mother risks immediately after birth was due to changes in blood circulation and volume, which can lead to high blood pressure and blood clots.

NATO and Eileen Johnson launched a donation of their direct costs to help. After investing more than $ 250,000, the campaign has become an Eileen University.

Johnson is published to promote in the Post-Dispatch article in 2011 after a heart transplant organ donation.
“I never thought about being an organ of a donor, while not,” she says at that time. “He saved my life, this is a gift of life.”