Little robots could be next big thing in alleviating stomach ulcers

Soon, small robots will be taking over medicines in the human body. According to a recent report, scientists were able to use the minuscule gadgets to treat sick mice.

The New Scientist reports that the researchers at the University of California, San Diego made use of Micromotors, the hair-width bots to send antibiotics doses to rodents having the bacterial infection in the Stomach. The act was fruitful and productive more than using the robot-free drugs.

Stomach acid can inhibit certain antibiotics

According to the report, some acid present in the stomach can alter the effectiveness of some antibiotics. As such, people with health conditions such as stomach ulcers mostly take proton pump inhibitors. These inhibitors cut down a notch, the works of the gastric juices. Though, these inhibitors have downsides like depression and diarrhea.

Micromotors have an edge

While the stomach gastric juices inhibit the efficiency of some drugs somewhat, the micromotors use this acid as fuel. Their cores possess magnesium which reacts with the stomach acids to give out bubbles that transport the bots around, causing the reduction of acid in them.

A researcher, Joseph Wang informed New Scientist that the bot movement increases the retention of antibiotics on the lining of the stomach which is where the bacteria are focused. After 24 hours, the level of the stomach acid gets back to normalcy, and the Micromotors get dissolved.

Human trials are on the way, but the researchers need to conduct more tests on other bigger animals. Wang added that there’s more to prove and achieve, but so far, they are on the right track.