Flu outbreak affects almost 400 individuals in Hume

About 400 persons in Hume have contracted the flu just this year during one of the bad outbreaks that have affected Victoria in some memory.

According to the statistics by the Department of Health, there are 393 confirmed cases of the flu as of September 3, which is way higher than the 209 recorded by this time last year. Those most vulnerable to the flu include infants, elderly, and pregnant women. Likewise, those with severe health conditions like lung disease, or heart problems are prone to contracting influenza.

The flu period began earlier this year, causing much strain for paramedics and hospitals with much more alert still envisaged.
From May 1 to September 3, Northern Health has witnessed 313 cases of influenza.

Health officers speak

Dr. Brett Sutton, the acting chief health officer at Victoria said the state is at the heights of the worst flu season ever recorded. Especially in aged care institutions where the flu outbreaks are at very high levels.

Sutton said the flu is a very infectious one and can be spread by having contact with the fluids from sneezes and coughs of the infected persons. Sutton added that observing proper hand hygiene is highly recommended to visitors to help control the spread of the flu. Also, sick individuals should try to avoid visiting their loved ones who are in aged health care institutions.

Professor Charles Guest, the chief health officer of Victoria, said the most seen symptoms of the flu were body aches, dry cough, fatigue, sudden high fever, and weakness. He added that the symptoms might subside within seven days, but a cough may last longer.

Guest added that other complications of influenza might show up as secondary bacterial pneumonia, middle ear infections and worsening of the existing severe health conditions. In some cases, healthy adults can infect other people just about seven days of falling sick. Professor Guest went on to say that vaccination was necessary for cutting down the spread of influenza.