Father Suspected Of Shooting 22-year Old Daughter And Claims She Killed Herself

In Norman, Oklahoma a 43-year old man faces murder charges for allegedly killing his daughter and then telling the police that she committed suicide.


Ronald McMullen called the police on June 29 in the morning where they found Kailee Jo McMullen dead with a gunshot wound to the face, say police.

According to the 911 records, McMullen called emergency services and told them his daughter had committed suicide and repeated the same claim when the officers arrived.

Based on the search warrant filed at Cleveland County Court, the detectives at the scene found the victim’s father’s behavior suspicious. Apparently, officers tried to take photos of the suspect who “kept trying to wipe off the blood all over him with a towel.” Allegedly the police had to restrain him so that he would stop wiping away potential evidence.

According to the court documents filed, the police allege that McMullen who already had blood on his torso and hands, threw himself to the ground and “began covering himself in dirt.” He even went as far as digging his shoes into the dirt leaving a small hole.

Apparently, Ronald had called Kailee’s mother before calling 911. She tried to perform CPR on her already dead daughter. Police on the scene allege that the body and gun were moved.

Less Convincing Motive

When asked the police spokeswoman couldn’t provide a convincing motive behind the murder. However, the affidavit alleges that when Kailee was 14 in 2009, he had touched her inappropriately, but charges were never filed against him. Another incident on the affidavit was that McMullen had slapped his daughter during an argument last April, which then the mother pulled a gun on Ronald.

Friends told police that Kailee, who had volunteered as an EMT, had told them that she had been molested by her father within the last four months before her death. However again no charges were ever filed.

McMullen will be held without bail. It is still unclear if he’ll retain legal counsel. The mother couldn’t be reached as of Friday.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up for Kailee’s funeral costs.

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