Death Wish Coffee retracted over possible harmful toxin

Death Wish coffee has been called out, following fears that some of its offerings might have a dangerous toxin. Death Wish Coffee Co. sold the beans as the World’s strongest coffee, but the firm is now retracting all the 11-ounce Nitro Cold Brew, stating the process of manufacturing put in place could have caused the production of botulin.

Symptoms of botulism

FDA stated that the toxin causes botulism, a form of food poisoning that gives rise to the following symptoms – overall weakness, double-vision, and dizziness, trouble swallowing or speaking. FDA also said that weakness of other muscles, difficulty in breathing, abdominal distention, difficulty in breathing, as well constipation might occur as symptoms of botulism, and people having these symptoms should go for immediate medical attention.

Death Wish Coffee says their customer’s safety is their important and they are bent on giving them the safest, top quality and strongest coffee offerings that exceed industry standards. As such, they are retracting all Death Wish Nitro tins; this was disclosed by the owner of Death Wish Coffee Co. Mike Brown.

Death Wish is calling on those who purchased the item to dispose it and provide proof of purchase to the retailer to get a complete refund. Those who purchased the tins on will get a total refund within 60 days.

While hinting that no one has fallen sick from taking the drink, the company apologised for the hassle the retraction may cause its clients and retail partners, but still insist that it’s the best measure to take.